Mobile friendly websites have become very much important to get success in online marketing. As we all know smartphone users are increasing in huge numbers. So they prefer to see a mobile-friendly site on their phone or they would like to see mobile-friendly websites which give the entire information with using their mobiles.

As per Google update in 2015, Google change algorithm, Google decided not to rank high those websites, which don’t have the mobile-friendly appearance, so it means, if your website is not mobile friendly, so you will lose your current ranking in search engines. Google is now giving preference to websites, which are mobile friendly.

Mobile Friendly Websites Are Helpful, Know How?

Mobile friendly websites are extremely good for SEO optimization. Mobile users are increasing in huge numbers, so advertisers who advertise with Google, preferring advertising more and more on mobile devices, they want to target mainly smartphone users. So if the advertisers prefer mobile-friendly sites, so it’s become compulsory to Google to give more focus on mobile-friendly websites. Now, most of the digital marketing companies in India are suggesting a mobile-friendly website to their clients, because it’s easy to both the client and digital marketing agency.

Because of this mobile SEO optimization, is becomes trending in the digital marketing industry. According to recent surveys, more than 60% traffic is coming from mobile devices, so it underlined the importance of mobile-friendly websites. One of the main reasons of mobile friendly site is e commerce, e-commerce websites are increasing and as you know, e-commerce sites main aim is to target their relevant audience and smart phone users are the main target for all e-commerce companies.

If you want to know whether your website is mobile friendly, so you can type your URL into Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. If you found, your website is not mobile friendly, so please comment your email id and mobile number, we will help you to make your website mobile friendly.

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